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Well, how hard could it possibly be?

These are the first words in ‘The Pests on the Plot’

 and they have also been written on my noticeboard for many years

to remind me that anything is possible!


I first started writing children’s books when my son started Primary School.

He was a clever boy, but just couldn’t get the hang of reading.

School was a nightmare for him, but he found solace and endless enjoyment from being outside, learning about animals and plants. I was determined to create books that embraced this natural interest in all things wild, whilst at the same time using these topics to help encourage early and reluctant readers.


Fast forward a few years, and after lots of

hard work and determination, my son’s reading is no

longer an issue, and I have learned (often through

bitter experience!) a great deal about the world

of creating, printing and publishing books!


I am passionate about helping children to read,

but perhaps more importantly

I want every child to be able to explore and

           learn about nature and the magic that exists

                      just beyond the back door.

I am also delighted to offer illustration services to other authors

and between projects I produce original art and pre-Covid

I carried out hospital design work.

I am always delighted to hear about any interesting

projects, so please feel free to get in touch.

                                                                  Sara x

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